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Sirius Satellite Radio - $30 Rebate

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Pioneer AirWare |
Rating: 5
One big idea can change everything. And XM Satellite Radio is one big idea. America's most popular satellite radio service offers over 150 crystal-clear digital channels. Listen to music, sports, talk, comedy, drama, news and kids programming, from coast to coast. To get the most out of this new technology, we have packed the AirWare with a number of innovative features. The FM transmitter allows you to play the XM signal through your car stereo. The home kit brings XM Satellite Radio right into your living room. And with the built-in memory, you can record up to five hours of your favorite programs to hear whenever, wherever you want. This is more than a radio. Its your link to a whole new world.
Service Provider: XM Satellite Radio

Delphi Technologies INC. XM MyFi |
Rating: 5
The Delphi XM MyFi is the world's first XM2go receiver — a personal XM satellite radio. The MyFi includes everything you need to enjoy XM anywhere - in the home, in the car, and on the go.
Service Provider: XM Satellite Radio

Xact ReGo Recordable Sirius Satellite Plug & Play Radio Receiver XTR5CMK |
Rating: 3
Record up to 4 hours of Sirius content, create your own play lists, and store your favorite tunes all on the MP3 portion of the receiver. Choose the wearable option and take the Sirius Satellite Radio with you on the go!
Service Provider: SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Eton E1XM |
Rating: 2.5
The E1 is the world’s first radio to combine AM, FM, Shortwave, and XM Satellite radio into one ultra-high-performance unit.
Service Provider: XM Satellite Radio

Audiovox SIR-CMB3 |
Rating: 1
Crisp, digital-quality sound, exclusive interviews and content, and 65 channels of absolutely no commercials: enjoy it all with this plug-and-play system, including a state-of-the-art Sirius receiver and a mobile dock that allows wireless access to your car audio system.
Service Provider: SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Xact Portable Boom Box XS034 |
Rating: 1
For use with optional XTR2 (Sold Separately) Sound Pad, Portable Boom Box, Big Sound, Low Profile.
Service Provider: SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Audiovox XB9 Portable boombox |
Rating: 1
Portable boombox for the Audiovox XR9 XM plug-and-play tuner ; indoor/outdoor antenna with 21' cable; AC power adapter; accepts 8 "C" batteries * front-panel minijack auxiliary input.
Service Provider: XM Satellite Radio

Altec Lansing inMotion IMX2 |
Rating: Not rated yet
Built for XM2go satellite radio receivers, the rugged, shock-resistant inMotion iMX2 system lets you play your Delphi MyFi, Pioneer Airware, or Tao receiver everywhere you go – without headphones.
Service Provider: XM Satellite Radio

SIRIUS Satellite Radio S50 |
Rating: Not rated yet
The Sirius S50 is an intelligent leap forward in Satellite Radio technology providing integration of both live and time shifted content for portable use, including MP3/WMA support and My SIRIUS Studio PC Software.
Service Provider: SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Xact Outdoor Wearable Kit XS043 |
Rating: Not rated yet
Sirius Satellite Radio Outdoor Wearable Kit To Be Used in Conjunction with Rego Satellite Radio Receiver (sold separately).
Service Provider: SIRIUS Satellite Radio

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