Asahi Tower apartment in District 8 for sale 2020

Du an Asahi Tower is built on an area of ​​nearly 2000m2, with 16 floors of office for lease. The project was built to implement the housing program, contributing to increasing the area of ​​residential land, creating jobs for construction industry workers, contributing to improving the urban landscape of the area along the East-West Highway. is being actively implemented by the city, and solving the problem of office for rent in district 8.

Asahi Tower apartment in District 8

Apartment size Asahi Tower

Project name: Asahi tower

• Scale: 4,372,22m2 # 0.432722ha.
• Estimated total number of apartments: 102 units.
• Building height: 16 floors (For office building blocks); 18 floors (for apartment blocks).
• Estimated population size: 476 people.
• Land for construction of apartment buildings: 740m2, accounting for 17.15%.
• Office construction land: 1,172m2, accounting for 27.10%.
• Concentrated greenery land: 600 m2, accounting for 13.80%.
• Land for transportation and yards: 1,812.22m2, accounting for 41.88%.
• Land use coefficient: 7.45.
• Total project investment: 148,416,100,000 VND.
• Implementation progress: 2019-2021

Asahi Tower apartment location

Asahi Tower apartment in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Convenient location, easy to move to downtown area. Besides, around the building are parks, supermarkets, shopping centers, giving staff to work here to feel about modern and dynamic life.

– Near Dam Sen cultural park.
– 15 minutes from Le Thi Rieng park.
– From the building to An Dong market only takes 10 minutes to walk.

Apartment Asahi Tower

With the desire to help their community enjoy a modern and convenient life, the investor has dedicated many areas of Asahi Tower to attractive internal facilities such as shopping centers, gyms. , beauty care centers, coffee shops, restaurants, kindergartens, etc. All try to serve the residents with the best quality products and services.

In addition to the above internal facilities, the value of Asahi Tower is also resonated by the connection with surrounding modern suburban facilities such as Kien Duc market, Phu Dinh market, Metro supermarket, Big C supermarket. An Lac, An Lac Market, Bong Sen Kindergarten, Nguyen Cong Tru Primary School, Binh Dong Secondary School, Nguyen Thi Dinh High School, etc. Thanks to that, all the needs of the residents are met by the Asahi Tower. perfectly.

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