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Each year our company carries out thousands of concrete drilling and drilling projects in Binh Duong , with many big projects all over 98% of customers trust and choose to call us for the second time if there is a need for concrete cutting and drilling. cardboard, because we always satisfy our customers and support the best service that no other party can do, we are highly appreciated by many customers for their quality of service and cheap prices, so customers are wishing to drill and cut Binh Duong concrete, please rest assured when choosing us.

Binh Duong concrete cutting and drilling and cutting concrete in districts in Ho Chi Minh City. We are proud of being a professional, reputable and best concrete cutting drilling unit today. We always follow the process to ensure the unity of the work and have a team of employees ready to meet all your requirements.

Drilling Concrete Cutting Binh Duong | Construction Services Professional, Leading Prestige

Binh Duong is also developing day by day with more and more infrastructure works, so Binh Duong concrete cutting and cutting service is also paid more attention.

Binh Duong Hung Vy Concrete Drilling and Drilling Company would like to send our customers the best services available today. We specialize in cutting drilling, demolition drilling, floor drilling, concrete core drilling. Professional construction service, fast, neat, ensuring project safety.

Professional construction staff, modern equipment. Our company will perform in the best way. Contact us immediately when you need.

The process of cutting and cutting concrete in Binh Duong is quick and professional for customers

Step 1: Customers call us to khoan cắt bê tông bình dương. We confirm customer service requirements.

Step 2: The company lets people survey the works, houses, places you want to execute.

Step 3: Quotation for concrete drilling services

Step 4: When the two parties have agreed, agreed on the price, we will send people to carry out the construction work as required.

Step 5: Perform cleaning at the construction site after the construction is completed.

Step 6: Acceptance, delivery and payment.

Services that Binh Duong concrete cutting and drilling are currently under construction

–  Drilling with concrete core  by hydraulic (diameter from 10 – 1000mm, unlimited depth)

–  Concrete cutting drilling  (cutting the floor, cutting the floor), maximum depth of 50mm.

– Drilling of concrete hole anchors, bolt holes, …

khoan cắt bê tông bình dương

– Drilling and cutting water lines

– Cutting chisel workshop floor

– Demolition of concrete by steam and hydraulic machines.

– Excavator, excavator, concrete chisel by hydraulic machine.

– Demolition of civil works, factory buildings.

If you have a need to  drill and cut concrete in Binh Duong,  please call us for the best, most perfect service.

Why should customers choose Hung Vy concrete drilling and cutting service?

 Hung Vy Concrete Drilling and Drilling Company  we operate in concrete cutting drilling industry with many years of experience. Our company always wants to bring you the best quality service.

–  Binh Duong concrete cutting and  working professionally, high sense of responsibility, taking the interests of customers first.

– Professional, skilled, modern machinery staff. The staff are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm at work, highly experienced and well-trained.

– Every project that we execute takes place quickly and professionally. Help contractors accelerate construction progress.

– Complete the work schedule in flexible time.

– The most reasonable price for each specific project.

So when the project you need  Tphcm concrete drilling and cutting,  please contact us to get a quote with the best quality service.

The strengths are in Binh Duong concrete cutting and drilling service

Service quality and progress are always guaranteed for our customers, because we have a team of enthusiastic and enthusiastic people who are responsible for the work, capable of solving all construction problems.

Customer service and answer the phone 24/7 on weekdays, support free consultation services, only when using the service will customers pay

The cost of  concrete drilling and drilling is  always low compared to the common ground, but absolutely guaranteed in terms of service quality and our commitments to customers.

Having a long track record in managing the construction of large projects, with a team of skilled, highly specialized, and modern equipment and facilities, we always ensure the construction and maintain the advantages that are superior to Competitor competition.


We will provide you when you call Hotline 0961 946 987 – 0931 341 567 or contact us directly.

We develop by respecting each individual and belief in a collective spirit. We aim to create a work environment that emphasizes humanity and ethics, in which talents are always treasured and rewarded, opportunities are equally divided among all members.

Community responsibilities:

As serious business citizens, we are always deeply aware of our responsibilities, Vip concrete drilling and drilling are expected to contribute to the community and to continue to support development for the community.

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