Goods handling services in  a reputable area in Ho Chi Minh City

Service of loading and unloading goods in Ho Chi Minh City Dai Nam company

Dai Nam Company specializes in providing  goods handling services in  a reputable area in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An with a large number of employees regardless of day and night.

To meet the growing needs of individual cargo handling, businesses in Ho Chi Minh City have trained a professional loading and unloading team to serve 24/24 not far away.

Dai Nam loading and unloading company has representative offices and staff in all districts of Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces ready to serve loading and unloading needs for customers 24/7.

We provide professional dich vu boc xep at a price 5% below the market price and the price is always publicly available and is committed to no extra charge.

loading and unloading

Safety in execution of concrete core drilling in Cau Ong Lanh

Those who use concrete cutting drills must be fully equipped with labor protection devices such as safety vests, gloves, safety helmets, masks, …

In particular, be sure to provide enough water to cool down the drill bit as well as reduce dust during construction. Note, the water needs sufficient and limiting abuse will cause inert drills that reduce construction productivity

khoan cắt bê tông tphcm

Thus, with the information on core drilling that we have just shared hopes to help you have the most accurate drilling. If you have a need for concrete cutting drilling, please contact us via the website khoan cắt bê tông tphcm or via the hotline 0961 946 987 – 0931 341 567 Do engineers for direct advice.

Why use Dai Nam’s cargo handling service?

Dai Nam boc xep hang hoa cargo at package prices, or on labor costs.

– Coming to  the cargo handling service  of Dai Nam, customers are always served enthusiastically – dedicated by a team of professional loading and unloading workers, experienced in loading, unloading, dismantling, closing, closing. goods pack, have good health.

– North South freight company we have full procedures and VAT invoices if customers request.

– Loading and unloading service of Dai Nam to serve customers at all times 24/24 including at night, on Sundays, holidays … with the most competitive price on the market.

– When you need to use the service of loading and unloading , Dai Nam will quickly send professional loading and unloading workers to the address where you need to unload the goods.

Loading and unloading service of Dai Nam to serve customers 24/24

boc xep hang hoa

So, what types of cargo handling service does Dai Nam have?

With a large and widespread management team and young workforce, Dai Nam is the leading prestigious service provider in  handling manual cargoes  trained with professional skills. Customers will be truly satisfied and satisfied when choosing our provided services.

With many years of establishment and development, up to now  dich vu boc xep Dai Nam Company has also developed and built a team of professional loading and unloading workers, good health and lots of experience in handling. Along with the support of industrial machinery: lifting machines, crane blood, trailers, tractors, winches, transporting equipment, loading and unloading, dismantling …

cargo handling service

Dịch vụ bốc xếp hàng hóa tại TPHCM

Steps to drill concrete core in Khanh Hung

Step 1:  You need to locate the concrete core drilling hole

This is a very important step to help you drill the right position. To drill properly, you should mark the center with a wet ink in a cross shape. In addition, before drilling, it is necessary to have the inspection and certification of the person in charge of the construction structure.

Step 2: Make sure the base is firm

You should use a screwdriver to hold the stand steady. If the drilling site position is rough, then we use anti-channel bolts so that the base can be balanced again.

khoan cắt bê tông long an

Step 3: Install and fix a concrete core drilling rig in Khanh Hung

After the stand has been fixed, you proceed to install the machine and the drill, note that you must position the center of the hole. The drill base will be tightened with bolts after the drill has been positioned in the center of the hole.

Step 4: Finally, concrete core drilling and khoan cắt bê tông Long An

You should drill slowly on the rails. When you see the concrete core drill drill about 2cm deep, proceed to press lightly to drill the concrete core.

General structure of a concrete core drilling machine 2020 in Hiep Thanh

Khoan cắt bê tông bình dương in Hiep Thanh needs specific machine structure.

khoan cắt bê tông bình dương

General structure of a concrete core drilling machine consists of concrete core drilling machine, concrete core drill bit, concrete core drilling base, core, nose guide rail and drill body , drill base base, drill base bottom, bolt holder, bolt fixing bolts, drill wedge brackets, stabilizing bolts and anti channel for core concrete core drilling.

Galvanized steel pipes and hot-dipped galvanized pipes

Manh Ha Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying construction materials with many years of experience, human resources as well as modern machinery and equipment, providing customers with shaped iron and steel products, construction materials. best rendering. In addition, we also provide other construction materials such as: bảng báo giá thép hìnhbảng báo giá thép hộp, shaped steel, Shaped steel price, giá thép hộp đen… However, the price Both can fluctuate according to the market, so customers should contact the company for more advice in the address below.

Mua sắt thép tại bình dương được cập nhật bảng báo giá hôm nay | Tôn Thép Sáng Chinh năm 2020.

Báo giá thép ống hộp đen, bao gia thep hop den

What is Hoa Phat Thép ống?

Steel pipe, also known as welded steel, is one of the leading selling product lines at Hoa Phat steel pipe dealers. With a variety of types from black steel pipes, galvanized pipes and hot-dipped galvanized pipes, steel pipes are designed with full size and thickness to meet technical requirements, durability, safety for people. Used as well as works.

Application of steel pipe in life:
Depending on the lice and application of the project, customers can choose different types of steel pipes to ensure durability, minimize damage and save maintenance costs later.

– Steel pipes:
Produced by rolled steel billets, black steel pipes retain the original color of the product and are often applied in many different industries.

Construction: Hoa Phat steel pipe is often used in the design and installation of prefabricated houses, high-rise buildings, antenna towers to cable conduit systems, fire protection systems …

Technical industry: Black steel pipe is often used in making machinery frames, automotive frames, motorcycles, bicycles. The type of machinery requires solid structure.

In daily life: we can easily encounter products made from black steel pipes in the house such as cabinets, beds, tables, chairs, knife handles, railings …
– Galvanized steel pipes and hot-dipped galvanized pipes:

With resistance to abrasion and rust, Galvanized Pipe is widely used in water supply and drainage works, fencing, scaffolding systems, electric poles, billboards, traffic lights, antenna towers. name, television …

Update the bảng báo giá thép ống quotation

bang bao gia thep ong, bảng báo giá thép ống

Where to buy steel pipe?

Currently, Manh Ha Steel Pipe Ho Chi Minh City is one of the distribution addresses of genuine Manh Ha steel pipe products with the most preferential price to consumers. When coming to our Hoa Phat Steel Pipe shop, customers can be assured of the quality and service. Hoa Phat commits that all products delivered to users are tested and operated in the best conditions, ensuring durability as well as safety for users and works.

For all orders and advice on pricing Hoa Phat Steel Pipe products, customers can contact our agent by phone: 0917.02.03.03 website address: be the best consulting and support staff!



The latest price list of construction steel boxes in 2020

You are planning to build residential housing, you are a contractor of large constructions. You are looking to save money on housing or construction. You are looking for a reputable large construction steel supplier that has enough potential to provide. Manh Tien Phat Steel Company, because we are a long-standing reputable construction steel box supplier, is trusted by more than 500 contractors to place orders regularly, with enough potential to supply large quantities. Customers buy as much as possible. Peace of mind about the price. In addition, our company also provides other materials such as: bảng báo giá thép hìnhbảng báo giá thép ốngbảng báo giá thép hộp, shaped steel, Shaped steel price, giá thép hộp đen

Bảng báo giá tôn úp nóc được cập nhật bảng báo giá hôm nay | Tôn Thép Sáng Chinh năm 2020.

bảng báo giá thép hộp mạ kẽm

Manh Tien Phat Steel Co., Ltd updates the most accurate daily zinc bar code for customers’ reference. With the current developed economic situation, the situation of construction steel demand is increasing, especially shaped steel. Shaped iron and steel with different shapes will help customers optimize the cost and time in executing the works that require difficulty.

1. How does the price of zinc Giá thép hộp change?

When updating the price list of zinc cans, you also need to understand the characteristics of this building material. For a long time, galvanized boxes are popular in use because not only high quality but also reasonable cost.
In particular, the zinc box price list does not have many changes and fluctuations, so you do not need to worry too much about choosing a time to buy galvanized box.

Giá thép hộp mã kẽm is determined by many factors right from the manufacturing process. Accordingly, depending on the establishment and brand, there are different production processes.
But in general, zinc boxes are manufactured based on the characteristics and inherit the most advanced production technology in the production of building materials.

Zinc box has outstanding properties such as preventing oxidation due to weather conditions. In addition, when exposed to corrosive substances from the outside environment, the zinc can also reduce the rate of corrosion and may return to its normal state soon thereafter.
Therefore, zinc cans always reach high quality from durability to aesthetics as well as usage value that many people prefer.

As a result, zinc cans are always widely used in construction works, from mechanical works to elevator systems or large construction works.

2. Update the Price list of zinc-plated steel box

With the remarkable features of the zinc box, you can be completely assured when using this product. Besides, an important factor that cannot be ignored is to update the zinc box price list constantly to choose the time to buy the most appropriate material.

Accordingly, currently on the market there are many different types of zinc cans, so when buying this material you should also refer to the price list of zinc cans you are intending to buy.

Not only will this save you a lot of money, but you can also find genuine, genuine zinc cans from the manufacturer.
If you’re wondering where to buy zinc cans with the most suitable price list, you can contact Manh Tien Phat Steel. Manh Tien Phat Steel is one of the No. 1 distribution agents for iron and zinc cans.

Not only gives you a preferential, competitive price list, Manh Tien Phat Steel also gives you quality products, achieving high efficiency for the construction process.

steel pipe price list for customer reference

Quotation box of zinc steel

Contact buy black steel box types

Hotline: 0944 939 990 – 0937 000 999


Bảng báo giá thép hộp kẽm, bang bao gia thep hop kem

Price list black steel box

Contact buy black steel box types

Hotline: 0944 393 990 – 0937 200 999

Bảng báo giá thép hộp đen, bang bao gia thep hop den



Summary of Ho Chi Minh City loading and unloading service

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the centers of commerce, many industries and fields, especially the circulation of goods, the demand for loading and unloading is increasing. We Dai Nam understand this problem, We have organized a professional loading and unloading team, specializing dich vu boc xep hang hoa Ho Chi Minh City, and neighboring provinces such as Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Cu Chi, … ..

dich vu boc xep hang hoa

Loading and unloading of Ho Chi Minh City goods

With the motto of “customer is number 1”, Dai Nam company always strives to improve and develop in order to bring customers demand for using Ho Chi Minh City cargo  handling  service “perfect” service with the “Fastest + Best + Cheapest” criterion.

Coming to Dai Nam, customers can be assured of a 100% perfect service commitment because we are the top company in the transportation industry for nearly 10 years, along with the staff. well-trained and standard scientific workflow ready to load and unload goods as required, ensuring safety and quality for goods as well as quick and economical working process.

Summary of Ho Chi Minh City loading and unloading service

  • Receive and unload all items, cooking oil, steel, cement, container cargo ……….
  • Transfer house, office, warehouse, …………
  • Hiring workers small, medium and relatively large, up to 100-200 people
  • Loading and unloading of containers, seaports, airports, ……… ..
  • Receive and unload according to customer requirements, hire by day, by hour ……
  • Especially  Dai Nam Company  works 24/24, including Saturday, Sunday, holidays, Tet, …….

Process of unloading goods in Ho Chi Minh City:

Step 1: Receive customer information

  • Currently, all businesses providing cargo handling services provide full contact information for customers, including: phone number, email, website, fax, facebook … to help customers with You can quickly contact us whenever your customers want to use the service.
  • At the same time, businesses also advocate building a professional, enthusiastic, cheerful customer service team, ready to receive information from customers, as well as be able to quickly answer. difficult problems, questions from customers.

Step 2: Survey and quote

  • Immediately after receiving information from customers, businesses will conduct analysis as well as field surveys based on information such as weight, weight, material, characteristics of goods, products and conditions. terrain as well as the distance to transport the product …
  • The company will calculate the plans to implement the loading and unloading process in detail, smart and economical, and at the same time plan to prepare the facilities and equipment as well as ensure the safety of real staff. current as well as ensure the quality of consumer goods.
  • And finally, the staff will contact, respond and quote to customers about the cost of using the cargo handling service.

Step 3: Sign a contract

  • The enterprise and its customer enter into a loading and unloading contract after both parties have agreed on all terms and fees stated in the service contract.

Step 4: Deploy the contract

  • After signing the contract, the enterprise mobilizes the appropriate workforce and the facilities, machinery and equipment to the workplace to begin the packaging, loading and transporting of goods for The customer side follows the criteria and commitments stipulated in the contract between the two parties.

Step 5: Acceptance and payment

  • When the loading and unloading process is completed, the two sides conduct the acceptance of the results and check the quality of the furniture and items according to the contract. Finally, customers proceed to pay the charges agreed in the contract with the shipping company.

Galvanized steel box price list

Sang Chinh Chinh Steel updated the price list of galvanized steel box today

Box steel is currently a widely used steel because it can be used in many different fields not only in construction.

Box steel is manufactured using modern technology so it is durable. In order to increase the durability of box steel, people often galvanized or black plating to avoid environmental impacts that increase steel life

Box steel has many manufacturing units but Hoa Phat box steel is still used the most

Because of its wide applicability, canned steel is widely sold in the market and prices vary widely

Sắt thép uy tín được cập nhật bảng báo giá hôm nay | Tôn Thép Sáng Chinh năm 2020.

Therefore, Sang Chinh Chinh Steel Construction Material Co., Ltd is a leading construction steel distribution company in Ho Chi Minh City specializing in providing  price list of  general box steel and  bảng báo giá thép hộp chữ nhật mạ kẽm   for customers to grasp the price.

Quotation price of galvanized steel box, galvanized square steel box updated last 24h

0 Galvanized rectangular steel box Galvanized square steel box
first Box steel □ 10 * 20         0.70 6m tree       35,500 □ 14 * 14           0.70 6m tree        32,500
2         0.80 6m tree       39,000           0.80 6m tree        37,000
3         0.90 6m tree       43,500           0.90 6m tree        41,000
4         1.00 6m tree       48,000           1.00 6m tree        45,500
5 Box steel □ 13 * 26         0.70 6m tree       44,500           1.10 6m tree        49,500
6         0.80 6m tree       49,500           1.20 6m tree        53,000
7         0.90 6m tree       54,500 □ 16 * 16           0.80 6m tree        41,500
8         1.00 6m tree       60,000           0.90 6m tree        45,500
9         1.10 6m tree       65,000           1.00 6m tree        50,000
ten         1.20 6m tree       70,500           1.10 6m tree        55,000

Box steel □ 20 * 40

        0.80 6m tree       74,500           1.20 6m tree        59,500
twelfth         0.90 6m tree       83,000           1.40 6m tree        68,000
13         1.00 6m tree       91,000 □ 20 * 20           0.70 6m tree        45,000
14         1.10 6m tree     100,000           0.80 6m tree        50,500
15         1.20 6m tree     108,500           0.90 6m tree        56,000
16         1.40 6m tree     124,500           1.00 6m tree        61,500
17         1.70 6m tree     149,500           1.10 6m tree        67,000

Box steel □ 25 * 50

        0.80 6m tree       93,000           1.20 6m tree        72,500
19         0.90 6m tree     102,500           1.40 6m tree        83,000
20         1.00 6m tree     113,500 □ 25 * 25           0.70 6m tree        56,500
21         1.10 6m tree     124,500           0.80 6m tree        64,500
22         1.20 6m tree     135,500           0.90 6m tree        70,000
23         1.40 6m tree     157,000           1.00 6m tree        77,000
24         1.70 6m tree     189,500           1.10 6m tree        85,000
25         2.00 6m tree     221,000           1.20 6m tree        91,500
26 □ 30 * 60         0.80 6m tree     110,500           1.40 6m tree      105,000
27         0.90 6m tree     123,500           1.70 6m tree      125,000
28         1.00 6m tree     137,000 □ 30 * 30           0.80 6m tree        74,500
29         1.10 6m tree     150,000           0.90 6m tree        83,000
30         1.20 6m tree     163,500           1.00 6m tree        91,000
thirty first         1.40 6m tree     190,000           1.10 6m tree      100,000
32         1.70 6m tree     229,000           1.20 6m tree      108,500
33         2.00 6m tree     267,500           1.40 6m tree      125,500
34         2.50 6m tree     337,000           1.70 6m tree      150,500

Box steel □ 40 * 80

        1.00 6m tree     184,500           1.80 6m tree      158,000
36         1.10 6m tree     201,500           2.00 6m tree      174,500
37         1.20 6m tree     219,500 □ 40 * 40           1.00 6m tree      122,000
38         1.40 6m tree     255,000           1.10 6m tree      133,000
39         1.70 6m tree     308,000           1.20 6m tree      144,500
40         1.80 cây 6m     326,000           1.40 cây 6m      168,000
41         2.00 cây 6m     360,500           1.70 cây 6m      202,500
42         2.50 cây 6m     456,000           1.80 cây 6m      215,000
43 □ 50*100         1.10 cây 6m     258,000           2.00 cây 6m      238,000
44         1.20 cây 6m     281,000           2.50 cây 6m      297,500
45         1.40 cây 6m     320,000 □ 50*50           1.00 cây 6m      153,500
46         1.70 cây 6m     386,000           1.10 cây 6m      168,500
47         1.80 cây 6m     409,500           1.20 cây 6m      183,500
48         2.00 cây 6m     454,000           1.40 cây 6m      213,000
49         2.50 cây 6m     571,000           1.70 cây 6m      257,000
50         3.00 cây 6m     694,000           1.80 cây 6m      273,500
51 □ 60*120         1.40 cây 6m     396,000           2.00 cây 6m      298,500
52         1.70 cây 6m     469,500           2.50 cây 6m      374,000
53         1.80 cây 6m     496,500           3.00 cây 6m      450,000
54         2.00 cây 6m     551,000 □ 100*100           2.00 cây 6m  
55         2.50 cây 6m     689,000           2.50 cây 6m  
56         3.00 cây 6m     838,500           3.00 cây 6m  
Độ dày, quy cách lớn vui lòng liên hệ : 0975555055

Lưu ý: Trên đây là báo giá bán lẻ niêm yết của nhà sản xuất.

Để nhận bảng báo giá thép hộp chữ nhật mạ kẽm chính xác mới nhất vui lòng liên hệ 0975555055


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